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Sleep Caramel Cuddles by RainbowPlasma Sleep Caramel Cuddles by RainbowPlasma
:party: HAPPY BIRTHDAY =flutterguy317!!!!!

Made Using: Adobe Illustrator
Total Time: 8 Hours
Original: inuhoshi-to-darkpen.deviantart…
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Just under a year ago I joined DeviantArt, and began an artistic journey. That journey would lead me to discovering a creative side of me I did not know existed, made me excited to make content again, and has introduced me to a world of amazing people I am proud to call my friends. Ted, known to basically everyone else as =flutterguy317, is the very best one that I've come to know over the last short year.

Ted and I started out by having creepily parallel experiences as bronies. Beginning of Feb 2012 we both discovered MLP, March lead to an exploration into art, April we were hired at the same time for the MLP-Vector-Club, etc etc. I had this natural magnetic attraction to him, probably because it's always nice having somewhere there who's on the same level as you. When I asked within that group who would be interested in doing a podcast, I was secretly hoping for him to step up, as he was one of the few people I started to bond with. He fit right in on the newly created podcast, and we started chatting on Skype more and more. And, partly because of our weekly connection, and the fact we lived in the same timezone, Ted and I started becoming best friends.

It's always funny how the people you get closest to are the ones that you can't remember how you got there in the first place. I think that's really telling. Best friends don't happen because of some magical event, or because of some cosmic coincidences (although those help!). Best friends happen naturally, because two people just "get" each other, and compliment each other. You usually can't remember how you became best friends, because for as long as you remember, you've just been close. That's kinda the way it's been with Ted. We just "get" each other, or at the very least, he gets me. I hope I get him too.

Every time I feel down, or feel like talking, or just want to sit in silence with somewhere there, or whatever, Ted is there. There was a streak to start this year where I swear to god we voice chatted every day for 2 months or so. Sounds silly, but it really means a lot to me, having someone there for me. He's also always been on my side. I don't know why. I'm kinda an asshole at the best of times, but for some reason he's just been that voice of affirmation. Only once has Ted ever been mad at me about something, and I cannot express how awesome it is to have someone you can be yourself with. I don't have to tip-toe around things, or hide stuff just so I don't offend him. He just lets me be me. Again, I hope I let him be him.

I'm 5 paragraphs in, and I just want to keep talking, but at this point it's getting silly, so let me just speak directly to you, Mr.FlutterGuy317, aka Ted, aka Flooters. You're like the older brother I never had. You've done such an amazing job at that, that I'm GLAD I don't have one! If I did, there's no way I'd ever be lucky enough to have someone as caring, smart, adorable, or awesome as you've been to me. Thank you for everything you've done for me over this last year. I know I'm a better person because of your encouragement and guidance. I cannot wait to meet you in Boston. I know it'll be the best, and that's because I get to hug you. You're my best friend, and I love you.

I haven't ever said that to a friend before. Stupid ingrained homophobia.

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OrangeAussie Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That looks like :iconInuHoshi-to-DarkPen:'s drawing ..?
OrangeAussie Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Fail, i mean just InuHoshi-to-Darkpen
RainbowPlasma Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oops. It's been almost a bloody year, and no one reminded me to put Inuhoshi's original in the description! XD

Thanks for the heads up, should be fixed now.

OrangeAussie Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:D Okayy, just making sure (I know you're above stealing, i just though C: )
MataNuiSaga Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2013
That was beautiful. :happycry:
LindeDash Featured By Owner May 31, 2013
Sometimes you are lucky to find someone you connect with! I'm glad you have found your person!
TomFraggle Featured By Owner May 19, 2013
This looks really great! :thumbsup:
GABY54232 Featured By Owner May 11, 2013  Student Digital Artist
you make me a drawing?
DaRealUsername Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2013
Wow, the text. That was the first time ever that a description spoke more to me as the picture itself (just noticed that i actually had some liquid pride on my face). I can do nothing but wishing you a wonderful and a sure heartwearming time when you meet each other :').
ThePercussionBrony Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2013  Student Digital Artist
That was really sweet. I bet that really warmed his heart. Happy Birthday Ted! :squee:
CrazyPastels Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ui-Azuma Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
So cute and awesome work to. :D
gwennie-chan Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Awwwww, story matters. And I love him too, not as much as you, but he's close to my heart too. He's caring , cute, and his laugh is adorable. And he always uses :3 for smileys. Truly an all-around great guy. Ponies of not, he's wonderful.
Kimera-KiMeS Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2013  Student Digital Artist
How awesomely swee~t.
Bernd01 Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2013  Student Digital Artist
That's too sweet man. I don't even have words.
Fehlung Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow, that description... :')
Great job on the vector!
SSU193 Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The Feels
Metibobo Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh Man...I can hold all these Emotions, these, these...FEELS I CAN'T HOLD THEM
MelchiorFlyer Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Awww! That's so sweet! :heart: X3
Sibsy Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2013  Professional Filmographer
Hourglass-Vectors Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Kired25 Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2013  Student Filmographer
So much d'aawww :squee:
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